Top 5 Irritating Facebook Profile Pictures

  • The Brightness & Contrast Abuser

 This gets me very frustrated whenever I come across a profile page with a picture that barely shows the user’s facial features. I’d very much like to understand that maybe he/she is trying to portray his/her artistic side, but you kind of think otherwise once you get to browse the Profile Picture album. Minsan napapaisip nalang ako, kinahihiya mo ba nose mo?

  • The Consistent One

This has got to be one of the funniest online encounters I’ve had. I went through an album with all Thou-shall-not-be-named’s pictures stacked in and viewed all of them individually. I felt like I was watching a Daily Photo Project video, the facial expression was consistent but the clothes and background kept on changing. I laughed hysterically like a hyena the first time I realized what was going on. Hah. Good times.

Those guys with their massive baseball caps or what ever you call them, their extra extra large t-shirts, the stupid hand sign and of course the extra dough (which was obviously remitted to them to pay the bills at home) that had to be flaunted for no good reason. Well in my case, dirhams. Well yes I do understand that posing with a huge stack of money and posting it online, later gaining an amount of comments could boost up their ego but we all know where that’s going. Unless you have to spend those bucks in a Maserati which you would then flaunt the next day, by all means.

  • The Vague
“I hear your heart beat, that’s why I love holding hands. I heart you forever til I stop hearing your heart beat.”
A cliche picture of a couple holding hands, edited in a software that I hope isn’t Adobe Photoshop (because honestly, if you’re planning to do some editing that lacks appeal then have a go with Paint instead), with vague quotes in neon colors and to make it more fatally ugly – font face set as Comic Sans or Cursive.
  • The Anime

My reaction,  you ask?

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