Day 3

It’s 4:40 pm at tapos na ko sa dalawa kong opus. That’s a record.

Day 3 – Magic

I tried this trick I found on the web. I had some difficulties, but mine turned out quite fine. Not bad!

Day 3 – The IKEA wall sticker I was tweeting about

Yung litrato sana na nakuha ko sa labas ng bedroom window ko ang ipopost ko, although they weren’t decent enough to post here (angle-wise). Kaya tada, eto. A picture of my bedroom’s built-in cabinet.

Day 2

I made it! 30 minutes to 12am. Napressure ako mula kaninang 2pm. I wasn’t able to take pictures on the outdoors since we only stayed inside Al Bakhit. Natalo ako, nanaig si baby Nikon.

DAY 2 – Raindrops

I crammed on this work. Did it for 30 minutes. Not bad. But I’m actually disappointed with myself, wala masyadong arte. Just a few layers merged into one canvass, halftone effect, and some blending.

DAY 2 – Staircase

I, my favorite weapon of choice, and our home’s staircase. Hindi ko alam kung yung salamin namin yung tabingi o yung hagdanan. Ewan. I had a hard time cropping this image, di ko alam kung alin ang tatantsahin ko.

I miss our old unit. JB and I grew up there. Maraming memories, mula pagkabata hanggang sa nagsimula na kong lumandi. Bakas ang bawat memorya sa bawat silid. Nakakatamad naman dito sa panibago naming bahay, the living room and kitchen’s downstairs while the bedrooms of course are on the top floor. Kapag nakababa ka na at kumportable na pwet mo sa kinauupuan mo at may bigla kang naalala, nakakatamad isipin pero gagawin mo rin na umakyat pabalik sa kuwarto. Can I just say bwiset?

Anyway I want to tweak my current wordpress layout. I don’t want to spend $14 just so WP could permit me to customize my theme’s current css. Alam kong may alternative e. Ipakita niyo na.

Day 1

While unemployment emerges the boredom out of me,  I have decided to challenge myself to commit to the 365 project. Not only photography, but graphics designing as well – which is pretty good since this project could help me add some artworks in my online portfolio.

My weapon of choice, Adobe Photoshop and mom’s Sony Cybershot. I chose not to use my Nikon D90 in fear that I might run out of shots, hopefully hindi pa ko nakakaabout near the 30 000 shots limit. The reason I haven’t pursued Illustrator is because I wasn’t too determined to accustom myself into using it back in college, however I’ll try to get used to it while in the course of this project. So, Photoshop it is for the mean time!

DAY 1 – Couture

I googled this image and vectored it in PS. It took me a good one hour to finish this. (Slow much? I was watching Will and Grace.)


DAY 1 – New Room

My Iron Man mask says hello. *wink* I know, this picture is so cliche. We just moved in earlier this year which explains the inexistent bed in my bedroom. We’re still doing some canvassing and yes I sleep on the floor.

Iron Woman

I’ve already listed 33 potential companies/agencies and I’m planning to send out resumes by next week. Just a few polishing and I’m ready to go. Yesterday I just had the jitters, I was unsure of what job I wanted to be involved in. Do I want to be a brand manager or a copywriter? I’ve been fairly good at making Marketing Plans and Market Research, plus it seems challenging. Araw-araw kang magtatae ng panibagong ideas at strategies para sa positioning ng brand mo, wala ng mahirap doon. Pinag-aral ko yun ng apat na taon, sanay na utak ko diyan. Pagalingan nalang ng diskarte.

But with graphics designing and constant conceptualizing, even if my major wasn’t Bachelor of Fine Arts or Arts, I know I can get in as a creative in an ad agency. Since day 1 of college, I have been dreaming of being a part of a beacon that uplifts humanity beyond it’s means. The sad part is, I don’t know if I’m good enough for this industry. I’ve had a series of writer’s block, even artist’s! What more could happen if I was already on the spot? “Gel, I’m giving you 5 hours to come up with a concept.” Well it may not be that harsh, but the pressure? How?

Ang problema kasi sakin is, I am an artist pero wala akong expertise. I know how to draw. I know how to sketch. I know how to oil paint. I know web-designing. I know graphics designing. I know how to play the guitar. I know how to play with colors and moods. I’m the jack of all trades. It upsets me.

Penge naman ng calling.